Donate for Bella


You can make a difference by donating today to Animal Rescue Relay. Bella suffered an unknown injury resulting in a severe fracture at L-6 resulting in a displacement of her vertebrae, causing an impingement on her spinal column.

The result of her trauma, Bella is unable to properly use her back legs. Without surgery Bella will never be able to use her back.

Animal Rescue Relay rescued Bella from Stockton California shelter and we promised her we would help her walk again. She has had a consult at UC Davis and they feel that surgery to relieve the pressure on he spinal will give the best chance at a normal life.

Bella is young, full of life, and loves everybody that she meets; she gives the best Pibble slobbery kisses.

Animal rescue relay is a non profit rescue and we rely mainly on donations. Please find it in your heart to help Bella live the life she deserves. Thank you.