Success Stories – Hardy Finds a Home

Success Stories

THIS is why we give dogs a second chance.

Hardy was set to be euthanized Thursday night. We pulled him at the last minute from the shelter in Battle Mountain and Aco Melvin drove him here this morning just to get him exposure.

Jasen Arias with Furrever Reno told me in the middle of the day that he would take and foster Hardy so he wouldn’t have to go back to the shelter- I was in tears. ???? What an awesome human being that I JUST met like an hour before.

THEN at like 4:45, Hardy picked his family!!! A couple had been watching him all day and loved him!!!! He will get neutered and fully vaccinated this week and I microchipped him on the spot!!!!

Hardy was initially cast as being nervous and especially not great with kids that tried to hug him, per the “owner” that gave him up. Nothing was farther from the truth as you can see in the pics. He LOVED all the kids!!!!

Kim Protani and Jo Lene how awesome is this pup?!?!